Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I know that it can be a little tacky and a tad over the top, but I couldn't let today pass without wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day!
Here's a little crocheted love heart to you, from Dennis and I......

Now If soppy lovey dovey stuff makes you feel a little queasy........I'd stop reading this post :-)
I just wanted to take a little moment to give my favourite person in the whole wide world a little love and attention!
Here goes!!!! This post is for Dennis xxx

 Have a very HAPPY day full of LOVE!! Matt xx
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  1. Beautiful! Happy Valentines day to you both :)x

  2. I think you are sweet. I hope the two of you have a lovely day.

  3. Wow.. I bet Dennis loved this!! So cute!! Have a GREAT day!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Aaaah....Happy Valentines Day to you both. :) x

  5. Aww... happy Valentine's Day, guys! :-) xxxx

  6. Sweethearts....both of you....have a great day:)

  7. Awww that is so sweet :D Hope you both had a smashing day ;)
    Happy Valentines day one and all <3

  8. I love Love Hearts...they are best! Thanks for the great pattern. Happy V Day too you both!! Have a super day!!

  9. Oops, meant to say pattern idea. I found a pattern like it here:
    Made it for my valentine. :)

  10. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Your post made me smile, I like to see that some couples just seem so close and meant to be!

  11. Very sweet! And I loved the photos!


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